Purchase instead service via a traveler, bagspace

bagspace is a service platform acting for you in purchasing products via a traveler.

Orderers can buy overseas products directly in a smart way,

and travelers can make money for travel expenses.

This is the shared economy platform which shares the smallest space in the world


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bagspace core idea



Our vision is to make people feel rewarding

in delivering precious items each other


Our goal is to make bagspace the platform service 

opening the window of communication between travelers and orderers over the Internet


Our mission is to offer customers the opportunity to experience new value by solving an illogical air system

in a smart way

How to use bagspace

bagspace key services

Smarter overseas purchases are available in bagspace!

Why don't you purchase overseas items via a travelers?

You can register as an order and ask to purchase an item instead with just a few clicks.

You will receive the item if asking a certain traveler for it.

The smartest way to earn travel expenses, bagspace!

Why don't you try purchasing local items instead?

You will receive a commission of 10 to 20% on the price of items.

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bagspace usage status

The smart traveler, bagspace